Small Münsterländer Pointers

Small Münsterländer Pointers

The Small Münsterländer Pointer is a versatile hunting breed that originated in the Münster region of Germany. Although the Large Münsterländer is from the same area, the two breeds are actually unrelated because they were created from different breeding stock. The Small Münsterländer Pointer has been around since the middle ages and they were created by crossing the German Longhaired Pointer with Longhaired Spaniels and Wachtelhunds. The goal for this new breed was to create a dog that was not only an efficient pointer, but could act as a hunter and retriever as well. These dogs were originally only meant for use by noble families, but by the 1800s they were commonly used by many hunters throughout Germany, not just nobility. Like many European breeds, the population of Small Münsterländer Pointers was decimated by World War II. Eventually the breed recovered and they have slowly spread throughout the rest of the world. The Small Münsterländer Pointer is not yet officially recognized by the AKC, but they are recorded in the Foundation Stock Service, which is the first step. The purpose of this service is record keeping and gathering information on breeds that are either rare or still in development.

Despite the name, the Small Münsterländer Pointer is actually a medium sized breed. They stand at about 19 to 22 inches tall at the withers and they should weigh between 35 and 60 pounds. These dogs have a skull that is flat on top, with a long, straight muzzle that has a slight stop. The nose is dark brown in color and the eyes are medium sized and should also be dark brown in color. The broad ears are set high on the head and taper towards the tips. They lay close against the head. This breed breed has a tail that is high set and medium in length, tapering to a point. The Small Münsterländer Pointer has a coat that is medium in length and dense. It is slightly wavy and naturally water repellent. These dogs are usually white with brown markings, or brown roan. These dogs will need to be brushed about once a week to maintain the coat and remove debris or dead hair. The ears should be kept clean and dry and the nails should be kept trimmed. These dogs are average shedders and they do not need regular bathing since this can strip the coat of its natural oils.

Although the Small Münsterländer Pointer is generally thought of as a hunting breed, they are very adaptable and can adjust well to being a companion dog. They are generally good-natured and an affectionate family companion. They enjoy being around their family and playing with children. The Small Münsterländer Pointer is an intelligent breed and they can learn quickly with the proper techniques. Obedience training should begin while the dog is a puppy. Training should be firm and consistent, but with a light touch. These dogs are obedient and quick learners, and harsh reprimands or tough training will not be effective. It is also extremely important to socialize these dogs well while they are young. This is a process that should involve taking the dog out to expose them to new people, places, and situations. This helps to ensure that the dog doesn’t grow up to be a timid or aggressive adult. These dogs generally get along well with other dogs, and they can even live happily with cats as long as they are introduced from a young age.

The Small Münsterländer Pointer is a very active breed, both indoors and out. Therefore they are not recommended for life in an apartment or other small home. These dogs have a lot of stamina and can run around for hours outside. Taking them out for a long walk or jog every day will help to keep them happy and healthy. Various games will also help to exercise them mentally as well as physically.

Small Münsterländer Pointers are a generally healthy breed. They have been carefully bred to eliminate most genetic illnesses and abnormalities. Dogs with hip dysplasia are not to be breed. These dogs have sometimes been known to have dry skin in cooler climates. A healthy Small Münsterländer Pointer will live about 12 to 14 years.

Overall the Small Münsterländer Pointer is a breed that is not only an efficient hunting breed, but they can also make a great family companion as well. This is a healthy breed that is also very active. They are best suited to a highly active family that will take them out to get lots of exercise every day.